At Bhagya Industries, we recognize that packaging plays a crucial role in delivering our toothbrush anchor wires safely and preserving their quality. Our dedicated approach to packaging ensures that our customers receive their orders in excellent condition, ready to be incorporated into their toothbrush manufacturing processes.

If you have any specific packaging requirements or preferences, we are open to discussing and accommodating them to meet your needs. We strive to provide a positive and professional packaging experience that reflects the high standards we maintain in our toothbrush anchor wire manufacturing.

Packaging of Round and Flat Wire

Wire is available in drum packs and a variety of reel and coil sizes according to customer requirements.

Reel Code Length (A) mm Width (B) mm Bore (C) mm Traverse (D) mm Barrel (E) mm Weight per reel
Din 125 125 125 16 100 80 3.2kg
SD200K 55 200 52 45 105 7kg