Aluminium Flat Anchor Wire for Toothbrush.

Our Aluminium Anchor Wire is designed to provide excellent strength and durability while offering a lightweight option for toothbrush manufacturing. Crafted from premium-grade aluminium, our anchor wire ensures optimal performance and longevity. We offer Aluminium Anchor Wire in different widths and thicknesses, allowing our customers to choose the most suitable option for their toothbrush designs.

Best finish

Longer life


Bhagya Industries manufactures flat aluminium wire in the alloys as per the table below. Flat wires are mainly manufactured in AlMg5 alloy on order to provide the extra tensile strength that 5% magnesium gives. An ultra clean aluminium wire known as AluUltra is a leading product for anchoring bristles into toothbrushes.

In March 2020, as a reaction to increasing demands due to the Covid-19 coronavirus Bhagya Industries started to produce Aluminium Nose Wire for the production of face masks. Bhagya Industries has been producing large quantities of high specification flat aluminium wire for other applications for many years and has a high capacity available to meet customer demands.

Chemical Composition 5019/5356 6061
Si 0,40 0.071 0,48-0,8
Fe 0,50 0.22% 0,70
Cu 0,10 0.0009% 0,15-0,40
Mn 0,20-0,6 0.23% 0,15
Mg 4,5-5,6 3.30% 0,8-1,2
Cr 0,20 0.0001% 0,04-0,35
Zn 0,20 0.01% 0,25
Ti 0,20 0.09% 0,15
Remarks 0,10-0,6 (Mn+Cr)
AI Balance Balance Balance