Nickel-Silver Flat anchor Wire for Toothbrush.

Nickel Silver Anchor Wire is a premium choice for toothbrush manufacturing due to its superior strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and attractive silver-like appearance. Our nickel silver anchor wire is carefully crafted using high-grade materials to ensure optimal performance and durability. We offer a variety of widths and thicknesses, enabling our customers to create toothbrushes that combine functionality with aesthetic elegance.


High tensile strength

Excellent finish

Nickel silver (also known as Alpaca) contains copper, nickel and zinc and is a bright silver colour in appearance (hence the name nickel silver). Nickel Silver wire is manufactured in flat, round and square sections in a full range of sizes and tempers to meet customer requirements.

Nickel Silver Wire Alloy code CuNi10Zn27 CuNi12Zn24
European specification EN12166 CW401J
Equivalent to BS2873 NS103
Equivalent to UNS C74500

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